Thursday, April 23, 2009

the voices of angels ring in my head

i keep having this nagging voice in the back of my mind telling me i should write some kind of book. about what? i haven't the slightest clue. i'm guessing it would have to be some kind of memoir plundering all of my old journals or something like that- a messy affair. i try to put it out of my mind. or at least not worry about it until it makes its own form more apparent.
the name of the game at the moment is arranging songs. since no one is ready to record yet (i'm giving the string players a bit of a wide berth, and stefanie has requested at least a week from tomorrow) i'm going to try to get the songs that need to be laid down very clearly arranged- which really just means that i play and sing them through and figure out which way is the least boring and then write out the string notation appropriately. this was just done to the third christmas song, which is called... *gasp* 'christmas song 3.' yes, i know- i'm a fucking genius.
we watched 'walk hard' tonight and it was pretty entertaining. it took a few minutes for us to recognize jenna fisher in that movie- pretty dramatic change from how she looks in 'the office.' we also have 'the savages' to watch- which i'm guessing will be a bit of a gut-wrenching kind of affair, but also funny.
i don't have much else to say at the moment- kind of a different kind of problem for me i guess. i did go to the coffee shop today sans computer. writing out sheet music is the best time-killer in the entire universe.
i'm listening to 'my bloody underground' right now- an excellent record. i've been digging out the bardo pond lately as well- they are a band i listen to obsessively for a brief period and then forget about until something reminds me of them and then it repeats... don't know why that is.
neko case is tomorrow night. i was possibly going to go to the empty bottle tonight, but i was expecting a call about the possibility of a ride and i never got the call, so no dice. it's not difficult to just decide to stay put, especially since i'm going to a show tomorrow night. looking forward to it like crazy. like crazy.
it's now clear to me that i have absolutely nothing to say- so goodnight.

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