Sunday, May 22, 2016

diary 5.17.16- the moment that you want is coming if you give it time

song- artist- album

1. pictures of you- the cure- 'entreat'
2. some kinda angel- mojave 3- 'out of tune'
3. that's what my heart needs- otis redding- 'definitive soul collection'
4. lady grinning soul- david bowie- 'aladdin sane'
5. whenever- wild nothing- 'life of pause'
6. september- pity sex- 'white hot moon'
7. fortress- thee oh sees- 'fortress' 7"
8. out of control- lush- 'blindspot'
9. she's in the wall- hope sandoval & the warm inventions- 'isn't it true' 7"
10. i'm a firefighter- cigarettes after sex- 'i.'
11. daydreaming- radiohead- 'a moon shaped pool'
12. waste of breath- diiv- 'is the is are'
13. shallow- beach fossils- 'shallow' single
14. still life- the horrors- 'skying'
15. sparks- beach house- 'coachella 2016'
16. new grass- talk talk- 'laughing stock'