Wednesday, November 15, 2017

diary 11.13.17- i'm just a villain

song- artist- album

1. chariot- beach house- 'b-sides and rarities'
2. the dream- widowspeak- 'expect the best'
3. louise- acetone- 'acetone 1992-2001'
4. if it's monday morning- lee hazlewood- 'requiem for an almost lady'
5. gathering- the horrors- 'v'
6. don't believe the fife- mogwai- 'every country's sun'
7. thinking of a place- the war on drugs- 'a deeper understanding'
8. televangelist- julien baker- 'turn out the lights'
9. sugar for the pill- slowdive- s/t
10. keys to the castle- oh sees- 'orc'
11. special- angel olsen- 'phases'
12. antiquity- hope sandoval & the warm inventions- 'son of a lady'
13. water people- grouper- 'water people' 7"


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

diary 8.07.17- my mind and heart break

song- artist- album

1. sirena- dirty three- 'ocean songs'
2. mojave 3- lovesongs on the radio- 'ask me tomorrow'
3. k.- cigarettes after sex- s/t
4. play the game- beach house- 'b-sides and rarities'
5. it all feels the same- tennis- 'young & old'
6. lost in light- moon duo- 'occult architecture vol. 2'
7. black and blues- the jesus & mary chain- 'damage and joy'
8. so real- jeff buckley- 'grace'
9. lift- radiohead- 'ok computer: oknotok'
10. cigarette in your bed- my bloody valentine- 'ep tracks 1988-1992'
11. around my smile- hope sandoval & the warm inventions- 'bavarian fruit bread'
12. my truth- cocteau twins- 'four calendar cafe'
13. distant sky- nick cave & the bad seeds- 'skeleton tree'
14. warm- swans- 'the great annihilator'
15. falling ashes- slowdive- s/t


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

diary 5.17.17- the breath of god in my mouth

song- artist- album

1. happiness 6- tears run rings- 'in surges'
2. always sad- the jesus & mary chain- 'damage and joy'
3. first day of spring- the horrors- 'luminous'
4. cross-town fade- moon duo- 'occult architecture: vol. 1'
5. adversity- beach fossils- 'what a pleasure'
6. don't know why- slowdive- s/t
7. ladies don't play guitar- tennis- 'yours conditionally'
8. caroline no- beach boys- 'pet sounds'
9. seekers who are lovers- cocteau twins- 'milk & kisses'
10. funeral pyre- julien baker- 'funeral pyre' single
11. salt of the sea- hope sandoval & the warm inventions- 'until the hunter'
12. swingin' party- the replacements- 'tim'
13. fly on your wall- angel olsen- 'our first 100 days' compilation
14. out to sea- minor victories- s/t
15. out of reach- bardo pond- 'under the pines'
16. i'm clean now- grouper- 'paradise valley' single


Thursday, March 30, 2017

diary 3.28.17- thee olde hellride

this playlist has been sitting on my ipod for about two years now- i went through a really emotionally raw period a few years ago where i got really lost in my own head, didn't sleep much and wrote a ton of very intense music while hanging around in bars. this is a playlist that i listened to when i would go on my pre-dawn commute every morning and it was perfected to the point where it began to recreate the way i was feeling during that time perfectly. when i say 'emotionally raw' i don't just mean sadness, there was a lot of happiness, fascination, self-discovery and intense beauty as well. song- artist- album

1. shallow- beach fossils- 'shallow' single
2. summer holiday- wild nothing- 'gemini'
3. despicable animal- wye oak- 'shriek'
4. no exits- tamaryn- 'tender new signs'
5. just like blood- sharon van etten- 'i don't want to let you down'
6. make them kiss- thee oh sees- 'thee hounds of foggy notion'
7. i only have eyes for you- the flamingos- 'i only have eyes for you' single
8. damaged- primal scream- 'screamadelica'
9. does someone have your baby now- mazzy star- 'seasons of your day'
10. watch her disappear- tom waits- 'alice'
11. children of a lesser god- tropic of cancer- 'restless idylls'
12. summer time- ringo deathstarr- 'sparkler'
13. when the sun hits- slowdive- 'souvlaki'
14. tropic of cancer- panda bear- '... meets the grim reaper'
15. some things cosmic- angel olsen- 'strange cacti'
16. always forgetting with you (the bridge song)- spiritualized- 'the space project'
17. silver soul- beach house- 'soirée de poche'


Sunday, January 29, 2017

diary 1.17.17- i swear it's the last time

song- artist- album

1. intern- angel olsen- 'my woman'
2. isn't it true- hope sandoval & the warm inventions- 'until the hunter'
3. winter- the rolling stones- 'goats head soup'
4. green lakes- tears run rings- 'in surges'
5. fear of flying- bowery electric- 'beat'
6. the poem- thee oh sees- 'an odd entrances'
7. sea, swallow me- cocteau twins (with harold budd)- 'the moon and the melodies'
8. strangers- marissa nadler- 'strangers'
9. i'm a shoe- cass mccombs- 'mangy love'
10. and dream of sheep- kate bush- 'before the dawn'
11. folk arp- minor victories- s/t
12. are you a hypnotist?- the flaming lips- 'yoshimi battles the pink robots'
13. stormy clouds- the verve- 'a northern soul'
14. headache- grouper- 'paradise valley' 7"


Sunday, January 1, 2017

best of 2016

I didn't do the usual big production of listing and writing about my favorite albums of the year this year (as you probably noticed). Not sure why, it just seemed a little self-indulgent for the millionth year in a row. I still love compiling my favorite tracks of the year into a playlist- it usually says more than my useless ramblings. This mix also serves as an epitaph for my current turntable- it's always had a few quirks that have grown to become fairly big problems at this point. While making this mix the motor began a rapid decline and decay causing some pretty hilariously slow rips. Rather than invest more money in something that was falling apart fairly rapidly I bought a new turntable that should prove to provide more longevity. Here's to that free ION turntable that was given to me by friends in 2009 because they didn't need it. Thanks for the memories!

song- artist- album

1. give up the ghost- minor victories- s/t
2. how- daughter- 'not to disappear'
3. love is not love- cate le bon- 'crab day'
4. sine wave sleep- tears run rings- 'in surges'
5. treasure- hope sandoval & the warm inventions- 'until the hunter'
6. i don't mind- psychic ills- 'inner journey out'
7. adore- wild nothing- 'life of pause'
8. better (for esther)- wye oak- 'tween'
9. heart shaped face- angel olsen- 'my woman'
10. dre- warpaint- 'heads up'
11. the numbers- radiohead- 'a moon shaped pool'
12. beached- julianna barwick- 'will'
13. healthy moon- diiv- 'is the is are'
14. people like us- swans- 'the glowing man'
15. dollar days- david bowie- 'blackstar'
16. 1959- hamilton leithauser + rostam- 'i had a dream that you were mine'
17. dissolve- marissa nadler- 'strangers'