Sunday, January 1, 2017

best of 2016

I didn't do the usual big production of listing and writing about my favorite albums of the year this year (as you probably noticed). Not sure why, it just seemed a little self-indulgent for the millionth year in a row. I still love compiling my favorite tracks of the year into a playlist- it usually says more than my useless ramblings. This mix also serves as an epitaph for my current turntable- it's always had a few quirks that have grown to become fairly big problems at this point. While making this mix the motor began a rapid decline and decay causing some pretty hilariously slow rips. Rather than invest more money in something that was falling apart fairly rapidly I bought a new turntable that should prove to provide more longevity. Here's to that free ION turntable that was given to me by friends in 2009 because they didn't need it. Thanks for the memories!

song- artist- album

1. give up the ghost- minor victories- s/t
2. how- daughter- 'not to disappear'
3. love is not love- cate le bon- 'crab day'
4. sine wave sleep- tears run rings- 'in surges'
5. treasure- hope sandoval & the warm inventions- 'until the hunter'
6. i don't mind- psychic ills- 'inner journey out'
7. adore- wild nothing- 'life of pause'
8. better (for esther)- wye oak- 'tween'
9. heart shaped face- angel olsen- 'my woman'
10. dre- warpaint- 'heads up'
11. the numbers- radiohead- 'a moon shaped pool'
12. beached- julianna barwick- 'will'
13. healthy moon- diiv- 'is the is are'
14. people like us- swans- 'the glowing man'
15. dollar days- david bowie- 'blackstar'
16. 1959- hamilton leithauser + rostam- 'i had a dream that you were mine'
17. dissolve- marissa nadler- 'strangers'


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