Wednesday, May 17, 2017

diary 5.17.17- the breath of god in my mouth

song- artist- album

1. happiness 6- tears run rings- 'in surges'
2. always sad- the jesus & mary chain- 'damage and joy'
3. first day of spring- the horrors- 'luminous'
4. cross-town fade- moon duo- 'occult architecture: vol. 1'
5. adversity- beach fossils- 'what a pleasure'
6. don't know why- slowdive- s/t
7. ladies don't play guitar- tennis- 'yours conditionally'
8. caroline no- beach boys- 'pet sounds'
9. seekers who are lovers- cocteau twins- 'milk & kisses'
10. funeral pyre- julien baker- 'funeral pyre' single
11. salt of the sea- hope sandoval & the warm inventions- 'until the hunter'
12. swingin' party- the replacements- 'tim'
13. fly on your wall- angel olsen- 'our first 100 days' compilation
14. out to sea- minor victories- s/t
15. out of reach- bardo pond- 'under the pines'
16. i'm clean now- grouper- 'paradise valley' single