Saturday, April 10, 2010

'the changes go so slow...'

it's been a bit of a crazy period right now. initially i thought it was stupid to put those last two entries so close to each other, but now i'm glad i did. i would be surprised if anyone read them. or this one.
we moved into a new gigantic place. it's ridiculous how much space we have now- i'm almost embarrassed to be living in such a huge place. i have a room devoted entirely to my music and recording equipment and i've already gotten some stuff done. shifting into 'chinese blue' mode. when i was listening to some of the old demos i realised i should just refine what i have rather than start over. there are things on these demos that just sound too good to redo- plus the energy they have is never going to be recaptured. some of them are kind of ho-hum and could benefit from the live recording treatment. still working on the 'field of flowers' collection, but at the moment there's not very much left for me to do. stefanie's been dragging her feet in the recording area- i haven't been able to get her to do a vocal or a drum track in months. hopefully i might be able to squeeze one in this week. i hope. i'm not holding out too much hope for this, however. that is, of course, to say nothing of any of that 'chinese blue' shit. but it's okay because nothing really needs to be done immediately- we're in holding mode right now, basically. i would like to have all 12 tracks finished and mastered by the end of the year so that we can get on with the business of pressing the 7"es. ha.
anyway, it's pretty much business as usual- frustrated and depressed about the prospect of trying to sell these three hundred lps that we've had pressed and that turned out so nicely. bummer. we've already sold three though, without having played a show at all. that's fairly impressive, actually considering that two were sold on consignment at permanent records- who have featured it in their new and notable releases section. much appreciated. honestly, if we sell one-hundred of these records it'll be quite the feat.
i should probably get to recording some stuff, though. i just got some ideas for recording a sparklehorse cover for a proposed tribute. i haven't heard a peep about it since, though. hmmm... i did figure out a nice string arrangement. i was thinking that we might do a 7" with the sparklehorse cover and our version of 'nightime' (i was going to write a string arrangement and do something with the vocal- i.e. add some atmosphere or something) as one of the ones in the series as i'm not real sure of how many of the tracks i'm actually willing to put money behind for 7"es. so far i've got four or five that i'm really excited about. a few others need to be a bit better or something before i'd be willing to toss some money down a well for them. anyway, that's how it's been going right now. about like average. nothing more, nothing less.