Monday, June 20, 2016

diary 6.20.16- you hold it in your heart, the rest you leave

song- artist- album

1. out of this world- the cure- 'bloodflowers'
2. nightclubbing- iggy pop- 'the idiot'
3. drive in saturday- david bowie
4. cry to me- solomon burke- 'the definitive soul collection'
5. bells ring- mazzy star- 'so tonight that i might see'
6. you won't be missing that part of me- melody's echo chamber- s/t
7. blue boredom (sky's song)- diiv- 'is the is are'
8. dive in- the horrors- 'skying'
9. numbers- daughter- 'not to disappear'
10. the unseeing i- death & vanilla- s/t
11. no more honey- blonde redhead- 'barragan'
12. how do you know?- cate le bon- 'crab day'
13. coca-cola blues- psychic ills- 'inner journey out'
14. she's so lovely- beach house- 'thank your lucky stars'
15. depreston- courtney barnett- 'sometimes i sit and think and sometimes i just sit'
16. lose yourself- black rebel motorcycle club- 'live in paris'
17. heading home- julianna barwick- 'will'