Thursday, March 30, 2017

diary 3.28.17- thee olde hellride

this playlist has been sitting on my ipod for about two years now- i went through a really emotionally raw period a few years ago where i got really lost in my own head, didn't sleep much and wrote a ton of very intense music while hanging around in bars. this is a playlist that i listened to when i would go on my pre-dawn commute every morning and it was perfected to the point where it began to recreate the way i was feeling during that time perfectly. when i say 'emotionally raw' i don't just mean sadness, there was a lot of happiness, fascination, self-discovery and intense beauty as well. song- artist- album

1. shallow- beach fossils- 'shallow' single
2. summer holiday- wild nothing- 'gemini'
3. despicable animal- wye oak- 'shriek'
4. no exits- tamaryn- 'tender new signs'
5. just like blood- sharon van etten- 'i don't want to let you down'
6. make them kiss- thee oh sees- 'thee hounds of foggy notion'
7. i only have eyes for you- the flamingos- 'i only have eyes for you' single
8. damaged- primal scream- 'screamadelica'
9. does someone have your baby now- mazzy star- 'seasons of your day'
10. watch her disappear- tom waits- 'alice'
11. children of a lesser god- tropic of cancer- 'restless idylls'
12. summer time- ringo deathstarr- 'sparkler'
13. when the sun hits- slowdive- 'souvlaki'
14. tropic of cancer- panda bear- '... meets the grim reaper'
15. some things cosmic- angel olsen- 'strange cacti'
16. always forgetting with you (the bridge song)- spiritualized- 'the space project'
17. silver soul- beach house- 'soirée de poche'


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