Sunday, April 12, 2009

diary 4.5.09

this is my diary from my trip to kansas city. i make these to imply the mood i was in and reflect it in the music i was listening to. as you can see here i was in a bit of a muted mood-

1. girls- eleni mandell- miracle of five
2. don't go (please stay)- sonic boom- true love will find you in the end 7"
3. blind spot- vivian girls- i can't stay 7"
4. vengeance is sleeping- neko case- middle cyclone
5. flood of dreams- jolie holland- king of california soundtrack
6. damaged- primal scream- screamadelica
7. hallucinations- the raveonettes- lust lust lust
8. here it comes- the brian jonestown massacre- 3.28.09 chicago metro bootleg (see below)
9. marla- grizzly bear- yellow house
10. falling stars- shalloboi- all hope is blind
11. taste of cindy (acoustic)- the jesus and mary chain- barbed wire kisses
12. around my smile- hope sandoval & the warm inventions- bavarian fruit bread
13. won't get to heaven (the state i'm in)- spiritualized- 11.13.01 l.a. wiltern bootleg (check the spiritualized forum- it's on there somewhere)
14. take care- big star- third/sister lovers

a lot of this is stuff i listened to on the megabus. a few things just flashed in my mind as i was wandering around aimlessly. 'taste of cindy' though is from seeing 'adventureland.' one of my favourite mary chain tracks because it's a beautiful acoustic version of an amazing song on 'psychocandy.' i love both versions but the acoustic one fits with this mood.

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