Thursday, April 30, 2009

the computer crashed (again)...

... strangely enough life as i know it did not stop.
we got some recording done today and how little i actually physically have to do to finish this album became apparent in very sharp focus. it was very strange- i don't have that much left to play. everyone else has more than me at this point- which is nice for a change. it's like an entire album of 'christmas song revisited'-type songs. all i did on that song was sing and play the guitar and then i ended up doubling stefanie's drum part. stefanie played drums, sang and played the glockenspiel. andrew played two violin parts. that's kind of what this record is like- i rarely have to do more on any of the songs besides play a guitar part and sing- occasionally i have to play a second guitar part. we did a song called 'you can choke on your own breath' today. it went well. it was a first-take kind of jittery kind of thing- we could've done it again, but we like to keep it jittery. stefanie also did the drums for 'christmas song 3.' tomorrow we might do some more- i was thinking of having her add her part to 'pale' and then all that song would need would be more strings and a textural loop i was going to make. next week might be textural looping week- i basically just will play a bunch of repetitive parts very noisily, flip it backwards and make a loop of some kind out of it. i'm trying not to go overboard with this stuff- i've been trying to add textural loops to damn near all of the songs and i have to remind myself to keep things minimal and spare- that's the whole point of this album.
this entry is now doomed. i don't think i have anything else to say. goodnight.

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