Friday, April 24, 2009

a bold adventure...

that's what taking the computer to the coffee shop has become these days. it was a bit dicey getting the power supply to work, but as it turns out the hinged screen is good for holding the chord in the right place to keep it charging.
i had some really wacked dreams last night. at some point it became apparent that stefanie and i weren't married yet and that we needed to move to texas for some weird reason. i was telling someone this and they informed me that stefanie had flown the coop to portland. i ended up packing my possessions and going there. first i was in a carpeted cafe of some kind. i think i was trying to play a show. i had no car and no place to stay and i believe jim mcadams showed up at the show and i had to get him to give me a ride. i think he offered to let me stay with them until i found stefanie. i don't know why it didn't occur to me to go straight to her sister's house- but it is a dream. the streets were desolate and sad (of course). what ended up happening after that was i went to powell's and found a hidden room where kim and kelley deal and a few others were sitting around a table reading poetry through these microphones that were shaped like parking meters. i think i woke up after that.
tonight is the night of the much-anticipated neko case show. woooooo!
i didn't end up going to the empty bottle to the poison arrows/life and times show. i never got the call from will, so i was content to just sit at home and watch 'walk hard' with stefanie. as i'm watching the director's cut of the movie after she'd gone to bed i get a text from will saying 'i'm watching the life and times right now. they're from kc!' which is something i think i've been saying about them since the poster for the show was put up in the shop (about two weeks maybe). seriously folks- STONER! i didn't know what to text back because either way i cut it would be unequivocally bitchy. 'thanks for remembering to call me butthead!' or 'no shit sherlock- i've told you that at least three times!' so yeah, i think i'm just going to give a bit of shit at work on monday morning. *sigh* so in the future i think the best policy with him is to just show up at his place before said event. fucking. stoners. the funniest thing is that i knew that he'd forget. it's okay though- it was kind of nice to not have to be anywhere, although i would've liked to have seen the life and times again- they were probably super loud. i hope they'll be back through. i still have that pitch article about them in the suitcase from my last trip to kansas city. i need to read the rest of it- i never really had a chance to.
the 'dandelions' ep has been sent away for mastering. i have been chipping away at that extra paycheck i got- so far i've spent $100 of it eating out in evanston and buying various limited edition records. my new disease is buying up limited edition vinyl the second i see it for fear that it will instantly go out of print and i'll be mad at myself for the rest of all eternity. today's aquisition is the double 12" ep on coloured vinyl for 'smoking acid'- the new brian jonestown massacre ep. i held off buying the mp3s for it in anticipation of a vinyl release. i was rewarded. that's my new thing- it's like tantra. it's quite difficult and a bit maddening- knowing that something you want to hear has been released but not being able to buy it yet because you don't want to end up buying it twice. i am waiting for 'middle cyclone' to be released on vinyl right now. it's difficult to have to wait so damned long. it makes me feel less guilty for downloading the leak of it early. that's almost a model for stealing music right there. take note you riaa police. i remember back in '93 or '94 when alice in chains released 'jar of flies' on vinyl EARLY before the cd came out to try to motivate people to buy the vinyl. kind of a good idea- don't you think rather than releasing the coaster first and then waiting an indeterminate amount of time before releasing the vinyl (which might not even come out). particularly cruel- 'microcastle' being released initially a month or so after the cd release AND then re-releasing the vinyl as a double lp package with the awesome cd artwork AND 'weird era continued' on vinyl instead of cd. i'm sorry- that shit was just cruel. what was i supposed to do? just think 'oh they'll probably release another version of it with both on vinyl- i'll just wait six months for it.' it just doesn't make any SENSE! it seems that you will be screwed time and time again for being on the ball. sometimes.
now that i've gone on for far too long about that i'm going to change the subject. i have almost all of the money for the 'dandelions' ep. i am short about $80. i can get that together by the time the cd-pressing rolls around. i don't know how much shipping will be, but it shouldn't be too expensive. hopefully not $200 like it was last time- that shit was pure cruelty- i ended up having to borrow it from stefanie with about a day or two's notice last time. i'm just very anxious to get going on this because then i get to live again after this. i am going to get to enjoy somewhat of an enjoyable existence after this. after my birthday i'll be able to buy music fairly freely for a period. we are planning on going to portland in august for our special trip and then booking a few nights at a nice hotel over stefanie's birthday in november. staycation they call it. the final expense is the mastering of the 'all hope is blind' album, a few reels of tape and then that's it. at fucking last! i only ended up using two of the four reels for the 'dandelions' ep- therefore i only need to buy two more for the making of the backup reels. irony- the 'all hope is blind' album will be shorter than the 'dandelions' ep AND have more songs on it. what those songs will be i do not yet fully know. i might do a little work when i get back. that 'christmas song 3' is bursting through the flood-gates right now. i am a bit reticent to hold it back. plus it has a watery guitar part- and those must be recorded seperately and therefore needs a click-track to hold the whole thing together.
speaking of click-tracks i saw the most amazing thing on youtube the other day. some 15-year-old girl posted a video or herself constructing a cover of 'soon' by my bloody valentine. she played all of the instruments herself and it was a pretty dead-on-sounding cover. i was a bit green watching it- i can't play the drums for shit. she did the whole song without a click track meaning that she played the drum part first and added everything else over it. holy crap. such a talented young girl. yikes. you get a tasty treat for reading an entire paragraph that begins 'i saw the most amazing thing on youtube the other day.'
speaking of amazing things that are on youtube here are a few-

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