Wednesday, April 22, 2009

and now

here it is at last- the recording from the strings show from saturday night. it turned out a good deal better than i expected it to. the show was also possibly the best show we have ever played. the strings sounded good (and were audible- which was a sizable concern on my part) and we played well. we played nearly all new songs. i think we only played one released song.
as if that weren't enough the finished master of 'dandelions' which was burned from the master tapes. 'field of flowers' is on it. i don't know how long it's been since i updated this thing- but a lot has happened. we've been very busy this last week. between rehearsing for the show and housesitting twice for jay and diana. the month-long rollercoaster has finally come to a stop. about time. just in time for the weekend.
enough talk-
the recording-

1. the sun is so bright
2. christmas song revisited
3. whisper
4. paper doves
5. falling stars
6. 4am train
7. narcoleptic
8. glasslands
zip file of the whole recording

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