Sunday, April 12, 2009

o, the humanity

so we played on the radio yesterday afternoon. everything worked out and we were right on time and things went pretty smoothly. it sounded really nice. we played pretty well until the last song- at which point we completely fell flat on our faces. on live radio. awesome. if it hadn't been live then they could've taken that out- but that's okay. that's the glory of live radio. the lesson is this really- just play songs that aren't reliant on samples to keep us in time. we fell on our faces during 'angels floating on the head of a pin' because we couldn't hear what we were supposed to be playing along with very well and we just completely lost it during the last half of the song. we still finished it, though. i don't know if that's a good thing...
anyway, i have a cdr of the audio and i'm going to post the other four songs because we did something where we ran them all together and 'sloba' sounded fantastic- a pitch-perfect version of it and the freak-out at the end was completely unreal. fantastic stuff. so i'm going to load it into audacity and compress and normalize the whole thing and post it on our website. there are a few shaky moments in the vocals, but other than that everything sounds really nice. i'd rate it higher than our live set on kpsu- we both sang kinda crappy at that one.
other than that i have today off. kind of a nice surprise. it's going to spoil me a bit though because that is now two four-day weeks in a row. next week is probably going to suck bad because of this. but we get paid on thursday. joy! it's an extra check too so it's not really spoken for. not sure what i'm going to do with it. i would like to cash it and save it for the impending release. i was going to pay it to my credit card, but i am beginning to think that the sooner i can get this whole cd release thing in the can and done with the better and then i can concentrate damn near all of my extra money on my credit card balances. we are going to try to get an arts grant to release 'all hope is blind.' i don't know if it's going to work. we also still have the mastering for that to worry about- but that's not quite as daunting as the task of raising all of the money to get it released. it's coming along so nicely- i am looking forward to it. woot! another one of my goals for this year is to figure out everyone's royalties and what not and try to figure out how much i owe to people who've helped out- namely billy.
so i'm here at the coffee shop again. on my day off from working at a coffee shop. good stuff. i don't have much planned for today. i wanted to do some recording, but everything that needs to be done requires stefanie, so that pretty much means that nothing will get done today because she just wants to share a day off together. fair enough. i'm just going to be mr. antsy until some things are finished. namely until that new song is finished and the 'dandelions' ep is off at the mastering house. weird and mind-boggling occurrence- i have all of the money to pay for the mastering and have started saving towards the release and the cd hasn't been sent to the mastering house yet. the wait is due to waiting for 'field of flowers' to be finished- it just needs stefanie's vocal overdub and we were going to try to have her double her drum part while i shook the christmas bells. the song is pretty much done- i finished my part of the vocals over my weekend. it's kind of a record- the entire song might be finished in under a week. of course, we are housesitting starting on tuesday night- so that will throw a monkey-wrench into the works. not to mention the whole strings show and practice on thursday. i'm a bit impatient to get back to working on the record again because it's getting to the point where we're getting over the hump and i'm excited to see the direction that the record takes because it's starting to change and things that i was depending on and expecting to work out as i had imagined them are beginning to change. new songs are stepping up and making themselves known and becoming serious contenders to be on the record- which is most unexpected in most cases. plus there's that june deadline looming rather large. i'm not going to be able to go back to kc to record more with billy before the tour i don't think. if i need to the megabus is no longer an option at this point- it would have to be the amtrak i think. i guess we'll see after a while, though. the tour is obviously kind of a big variable as well- as well as something that i need to save some money for. not as much as last time because it is going to be considerably cheaper mainly because we won't be racking up as many miles and won't have to be away from work for as long. time will tell.
it's getting to the point where i might book a megabus trip to kc in october and that way if the record still needs some work then it will be a recording trip- otherwise it'll end up being a pleasure trip. who can argue with a pleasure trip?
anyway, over and out.

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