Thursday, April 2, 2009

and then the room stopped spinning...

so now i'm in kansas city and i am stuck with absolutely nothing to do! joy! definitely something i can live with right now. last week was so crazy- a full-on 6-day work week and a brian jonestown massacre show (our 3rd). by tuesday afternoon i was supreme cranky-pants. yup, that was me. the bjm show was fantastic (not a huge surprise although i did think we were due for a full-on meltdown) and i recorded the entire thing. it sounds thoroughly decent and i've listened to the whole thing (it took me about four commutes- it's long). i had some problems getting it edited and finished- the computer kept running out of storage space and i ended up having to keep using the back-up drive to export the file (it was a monster- a 2 and a half hour 1.5 gb monster. i shared the show in mp3 form on the keep music evil webboard (to some really gracious people) and i'm working on trying to get the flacs for it uploaded. i have the first of the two files uploaded and i have the address but the upload of the second half wasn't started until i was about to leave to catch the megabus. i can't get ahold of the address of it (if it is indeed completed). i texted stefanie to try and get her to email the link to me when she gets home.
i made it to the megabus with very little time to spare (maybe five minutes- a little too close for me, thanks) but i was still able to get my favourite seat. as with most things i take the seat that allows for the easiest access to the bathroom- the two seats facing the stairs that lead down to the bathroom. one time i got stuck boxed in by someone who was stretching their legs across the aisle- i really hate that. grrrr.
i slept through nearly the entire ride. i think in the end i was up for maybe an hour or an hour and a half of the whole trip. nevertheless i am very tired right now. i am also really hoping i can get in some quality sack-time during this visit. my parents' cat is kind of annoying me and in fact i lured it out of the bedroom with a cat toy and then closed the doors as it wouldn't leave me alone while i was on the computer. i'm just mostly used to our cats who mainly just want to be petted- so the only time they want attention is when they want to be petted. my parents' cat is an only cat so it always wants to play and it likes to bite and scratch- which i'm not such a fan of. it climbed up on the desk and started swatting at me. i tried to play with it with the cat charmer while typing but the cat kept coming over and swatting at my foot.
i have already had a winstead's lunch and i have also already had a latte at the filling station (fucking love that place). my mom and dad are at the hospital right now because it is possible that my mom broke or fractured her wrist. since it's taking so long i am beginning to suspect that this is indeed the case (they've been gone for a few hours).
i'm recording with billy on saturday- my final day here in town. until then i shall be forced to do absolutely nothing- such a cruel fate! no- i'm really looking forward to it. when i get back we have practice with the strings players on tuesday. it was going to be on sunday after i got back from work (after getting in at 6:45 am that morning on the bus). i was a bit bummed that we weren't going to practice on sunday but now i think that it will be a lot better to not have to come from the bus, go to the apt. to drop off my stuff, rush down to work, work for 7 hours and then go home and practice for a few hours. i'm pretty pumped about the strings show though- it's going to be really good i think.
i think that that is all i could possibly write here for now. i have an wishlist to complete... *night*

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