Thursday, September 24, 2009

i think my head might explode

too much information going around and doing so much of absolutely nothing. i can't keep up. after a very productive week last week where i recorded several amazing new songs that i'm ridiculously happy with it's not much of a surprise that i am due for some time in the doledrums. that's right folks- back to the crippling, black depression i'm so used to. to add to that i am feeling more sleep-deprived than i have in months and we just started an extended housesitting stint. *yay*
we have some kind of plans to do something expensive and social tomorrow night- so i'll be stuck with the dog at the house in evanston all day (when will we feed our cats? who the fuck knows?!)- not that it really matters. here's my schedule for my 'days off' when we housesit- 6am wake up to feed the two cats, 7am wake up to drive stefanie to work, 9-9:30am (sometimes 10am if parking's bad enough in our neighborhood- like today for example) arrive at our apartment. from there the options become whether or not i should get a few more hours' sleep or go ahead and head to coffee shop for my mandatory loafing time. today i'll basically have to leave the apartment after being there for only an hour and a half today- not long enough to really commit to doing much of anything.
rolling into month four after having ordered that ever-elusive spectrum ep i STILL DO NOT HAVE IT IN MY HANDS! this time it's thanks to the never-ending idiocy of the chicago postal service. it's flashes of the spritualized green vinyl debacle of last year- even after waiting for two months for the vinyl to be mailed it took TWO FUCKING WEEKS TO GET TO ME! earlier in the year magneto mastering was trying to send me reference discs from minneapolis- they shipped them via priority mail and it took four weeks to get to me- for some reason the package just sat in a warehouse in glen ellyn for two weeks. i think they have me on a 'do not deliver' list and it's really goddamned fucking annoying. i think i've decided to go to permanent records and buy a copy there, that way it'll finally show up in the mail and then i'll have two. maybe they'll become valuable and i can sell one (which i did with the extra green vinyl lp i had and ended up selling for less than what i paid for it because some numbskull didn't know how to use the 'buy now' feature on ebay). i dunno.
i'm in the middle of the hopeless task of 'saving money' to pay for more 1/4" tape and mastering. the tape machine has a feature i wasn't aware of- the 'repro' head which is basically what you're supposed to use when you're doing your final mixdown. basically i suspect that if i'd done this with the 'dandelions' ep then it wouldn't've had quite as much hiss as it ended up having. i was going to go to the trouble of calibrating the machine before doing the 'all hope is blind' mixdown, but then after reading about this feature i decided it would be better to just give it a go using this new knowledge.
i have nothing else to say. at all.

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