Thursday, October 8, 2009

they orbit... never to land...

a lot of stuff is kind of coming together at the moment. it's a very weird kind of thing going on at the moment- it looks like we'll be opening for dr. killbot at beat kitchen next wednesday. the show at uncommon ground is two weeks from saturday. we still haven't practiced a 2nd time because katelyn is very busy and she had to flake on the practice we were going to do at jay and diana's- which was okay because aleksa ended up not coming either because she was sick. so right now the pressure's on. yipes. the show at beat kitchen though will allow us to supplement the gigantic book of songs that we are always wanting to play and trim it down into two manageable halves- one loud and the other quiet.
not much else to say- i'm planning on having a go at mixing 'all hope is blind' down to tape today. not sure when the hell i'm actually going to have the money to master it- i have been getting better about putting money aside, but the trip to portland is looming and i'd be very surprised if i managed to fritter away enough money in that time to afford mastering and have any amount of mad money to spend in portland. right after that is stefanie's birthday too, which i need to save money for as well. right after that i have my dad's birthday. it's kind of a now-or-never situation in a lot of ways... hmmmm...
this blog has really died a death lately- i never have time to write here or anything. it could have to do with the in-the-red hectic schedule we've been keeping for the last month or so. today was the first day in about a month that i was able to get a full night of uninterrupted sleep and not wake up to an alarm- truly a beautiful thing. truly beautiful. i think due to the chaos of the last three weeks and the sleep deprivation and the onset of colder weather i am now in the midst of a cold- much like everyone else around me. everyone at work has the sniffles right now. it's kind of frustrating as i'm pretty sure it's not going to go away by the time of the show- or the time of the portland trip. maybe so, maybe not. i'm doing my best to get it under control. not sure of how good of a job i'm doing. i had a sore throat for a few days, but it seems to have gone away. i can't tell if i'm entering the nasal salt-flats period of the cold or not yet- that's the most fun stage.
i dunno. i tried to get some artwork together for the proposed zine that's supposed to go with the 'all hope is blind' album- i was just going to put together a xeroxed zine with it with artwork and cut up lyrics along with the run-of-the-mill liner notes thrown in there. i thought it would be a special thing to do with this very special album.
i've cleared the hurdles for the album that were in the way- fixed the problems that i was having, etc. etc. i've gotten the revamped 'christmas song' up and going- recorded a nice bowed-guitar part in one take that i'm pretty happy with and now just have to add strings and such and vocals... good stuff!

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