Friday, October 16, 2009

'all hope is blind' is finished

the record is finally finished. just in time for me to find a listing for the nap study at rush university. maybe i can actually do this this time. it'd be a good time of year to do this if everything will work out (i strongly suspect that it will not). *good vibes, good vibes*. i'm thinking that the portland trip will most likely be the one that spoils the whole thing. if it were during the whole of november that would be best- there aren't any shows i want to go see, no shows that we're scheduled to play, absolutely nothing! i'm really hoping that that works out. i really have no other way to earn the $1500 to pay for the vinyl pressing- pretty much totally out of options. i was supposed to do this work for will once he got his new computer from brad, but i'm certainly not counting on that to pan out. he was even going to give me an advance on the money so i could do the vinyl pressing, but there's no way i'm taking that now. what's more it's a bit moot- i'd be surprised if he even has any memory of telling me he'd do that, or even that he's asked me to do the entire job. i'm still having a lot of trouble understanding exactly what it is that i'm supposed to do in the first place... as far as i can tell it's just naming tracks and converting everything to mp3.
i'm listening to the final mixes at the moment. the tape captures a lot more low-end than the cd burner- i normally have to push the low end up so high to get it on cd. i'm wondering if the digital mixes will end up sounding better or not... it could also just be my shitty ipod's sound quality (it is really bad when you listen to it through headphones). the thing is it doesn't sound muddy. i also think that my ears are completely fatigued... my left ear started ringing out of nowhere last night just as i went to bed. totally weird. i hope against hope that i'm not losing my hearing, but i'm pretty sure that that might be the case. i feel like if i'd really done too much hearing damage from all of the noisy guitar playing that i would've contracted tinnitus by now, but i haven't.
well, i'm completely out of things to say at the moment. tah-tah for now!

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