Thursday, September 10, 2009

another link on the chain gone

this should be a pretty decent weekend- today at least appears to be a likely candidate for a good day. i'm here at metropolis listening to the new vivian girls lp. i converted the new cramps lp i bought on tuesday as well and last night i finally converted kate bush's 'the sensual world' (which i listened to at the same time and was a bit non-plussed by it mainly because 'hounds of love' has crept back into my listening schedule and is taking up lots of real estate as it always does- it's one of my favourite albums of all time). i have two new songs to record as well- wooot! the title track for 'all hope is blind' is a few parts away from being finished as well- at this point it doesn't look good as a candidate to make the final tracklisting. kind of a shame since it is the title track.
stefanie and i have a two week reprieve from housesitting. after that we have an intensive two-week stretch of seth time. the week-long session wasn't too bad- there were a few crummy elements- namely one of jay and diana's neighbors who have a pit bull that keeps getting out of the fence. not cool. at all. and it happened twice while we were there. once while we were getting out of the car with seth- or rather while we left seth in the car until the dog was behind the fence.
i don't know if i have much in the way of thoughts to share- i'm glad this week is over. it was incredibly nice to have monday off- but it's always nice to have a day off with stefanie since it happens so irregularly these days. hardly ever i mean. i really need to get a new job. i have found a few things on craigslist that seemed like they might be okay to apply to in addition to my current job. i need some more money, of course. i didn't win the vox starstream from last week- not a huge surprise. it stayed completely unbid on until a few hours before it closed. by the end of the auction the price had sky-rocketed from $500 to $1300 or so. damn. shot down! it's probably for the best- i really didn't have the money to afford it and this way i can use the money from the next house-sitting adventure to have 'all hope is blind' mastered. i've got to buy some fairly expensive calibration tape and calibrate my machine so that it sounds better. i felt like it sounded very good without being calibrated, but the calibration will take care of the bulk of the tape hiss i think. i also hit upon a good idea for the tour- i was going to make cdrs of all of our single releases. it would give me a reason to master those finally, as well.
this month ended up being a triple paycheck month. the money i'd saved from my small paycheck to pay for the proposed guitar purchase wound up being spent on records and dvds- i got '30 rock' season 1, 'weeds' season 3, the new vivian girls lp and the cramps 'songs the lord might have taught us' lp. besides that there was tons of eating out in evanston. good stuff. my next paycheck will be for my credit cards.
anyway, off i go.

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