Friday, September 11, 2009

bouncing bee

i've got the whole ennui thing going on right now- not able to wake up so much. i recorded a new song that is currently operating under the working title 'california light bright' because it's actually an upbeat song. seriously- even the lyrics are upbeat. it might actually be a bit too upbeat for me. not sure what i'm going to do with it, but it went really really well- acoustic guitar, two electric guitars (one doing some nice melodic leads), vocals, two drums, a tamborine and a really killer bassline that was added absolutely last. i'm still really good at the bass- it's a shame i don't play it more often. when i pick it up i can come up something good with very little effort. i have another song i was thinking of recording today that's been rattling around in my brain for years called 'amoeba'- i finally got a good chord progression nailed down on the fucking thing. the way it was when it was first written was a bit too much of a rip-off and then i thought that i'd fixed it, but really wasn't too excited about the way that i'd 'fixed' it- it just sounded like i subbed in a different chord for the one that i really wanted and yesterday i was just strumming around and figured something out that worked better than both previous ways. today i would like to record it- hope that works out for me. i have another song i've been working on for eons as well and it's kind of in a strange state at the moment- it was just going to be an instrumental of about four guitars- i did it that way and i was going to experiment with recording the guitars all direct and adding the effects later. while doing that i wrote some lyrics, let them sit for a long time and then added more. added the effects and then decided i could also do a mix with even more stuff- organ, drums, have stefanie write some more lyrics and add them a la 'the sun is so bright...' where we both sing different parts. these are all potential 'chinese blue' songs. i think it's been decided that that will be the next shalloboi record. it's kind of the batch of songs i've been working on for a few years that i'm most excited about finishing- so why not?
other than that it's very hum-drum again. not much to do lately. i'm already sick of converting lps. it looks like we're going to have some trouble with the show coming up on the 24th. i don't think chris can do it- he's in a show that runs until nov. 1. i'd really rather not do it without him, but we already said we would so now i have to figure out how to get ahold of another violist. bummah! plus all of his parts are written in treble clef already and i don't know if i can take rewriting all of it in alto clef. pooo! oh well- i shall see...

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