Thursday, September 17, 2009

same time, same place, every week, predictable as the tides

the frustration of ordering tangible music online continues, but with a bit of relief this week. back in june i pre-ordered a vinyl copy of the new spectrum ep ('war sucks') and still haven't received it in the mail- to be fair there was a problem with the manufacturing, the label owner (and i suspect sole employee) ended up in the hospital for a spell and now i discovered that he took a $2 loss per record because he didn't allow enough for shipping (it was only $15 for the record- which surprised me, actually). yikes. i was getting pretty pissed and sent him a slightly curt email- i never resort to name-calling or anything like that in emails no matter how pissy i am- and then heard that it had been shipped and i should have it by this weekend. i'd offered to send him the additional $5 (it's listed on the website now at $20) and he told me he'd appreciate that, given the loss, so i did. i now feel kinda bad for being a bit pissed. there's a fellow chicagoan posting on the spiritualized board and he'd already received his, so naturally i went and assumed the worst.
i'm a bit rattled though- i'm beginning to wonder if i should bother pre-ordering such limited edition types of things. i do so to avoid having to pay ridiculous prices further down the line to some kind of ebay price-gouger. speaking of which i was going for the wrong vox guitars during that whole ordeal- i saw a 12 string vox phantom go for less than $700. DOH! i found out that the one at chicago music exchange is $2000. nice. i did find someone online who restores old and weird vintage guitars and collects airline guitars (an airline guitar is a guitar that is currently played by the likes of jack white) is selling a 12 string phantom for $1100. i'm thinking of asking anthony how much he wants for his epiphone les paul and putting some time and a little money into fixing it up somewhat and maybe i could sell it (as well as selling my fender mustang) in order to afford a vintage vox guitar. kind of pipe-dreamy, but perhaps it could work. you never know until you try. probably not going to happen tho.
what else? i'm not really working on anything but the preparations for our show on the 24th. i am going to save up the money for the mastering of 'all hope is blind.' i'm hoping i can pull this off by the end of the month (hilarious huh?). i'm still clinging to the notion of being able to get the whole thing out and released. don't know what that's about...
tons of concerts. i have some extra moolah on my paycheck that i have to go get today. i do have to pay my normal $300 to the credit card bogey-men- this is essential. essential.

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