Friday, September 4, 2009

go figure.

right after i wrote that entry i went and asked for another show at the empty bottle.
yesterday was kind of a rough one- i thought that stefanie wanted to scale back on band activities, but as it turns out i was mistaken. besides all of that it was an incredibly stressful day- i probably would've been brutally depressed even if that hadn't happened. no one told me, but yesterday was chicago's 'holy-fucking-shit'-level of traffic day. i spent about three hours in gridlock yesterday. at least i know what it's like to live in l.a. now. good to know. i did a ton of running around yesterday as well- i somehow managed to break in the new turntable we got that has a usb chord hookup. i converted the monks record and the vivian girls song from the 'the world's lousy with ideas' comp. not the crystal stilts record just yet- i lack the proper 7" adapter (it has a large center hole). the crystal stilts 7" is very good, though. i also did an alternate version of the vivian girls song through the cd burner. i still have the old turntable hooked up.
today will be nice because i have absolutely NOTHING to do whatsoever. i did my chores yesterday while transferring the monks record.
i have my eye on a vox starstream that's up for auction on ebay. i am prepared to basically sell my soul to get ahold of it. no one's bid on it yet. yet. there are a few things on it that don't work- namely a few of the built-in effects (which is what the vox starstream is known for). sadly the repeater is one of the effects that doesn't work on it- and i just did a google and discovered that the likelihood that it could be fixed is indeed very very low. i did, however, find an effects box that does a good job of emulating the repeater effect. obviously this would be an acceptable substitute for me. in a way i am going to think of this as good news- perhaps no one will want it now and perhaps that will keep the price static. it will take a good deal of maneuvering to get my slimy little mitts on this beauty, but dammit i'm going to do it if it's possible. if the price holds i see no reason not to score one of these beauties- especially since i'd just gone through a phase of being completely discouraged about the fact that i wanted to use hollow bodied guitar tons on the 'chinese blue' record and even possibly a vox 12 string of some kind if possible- seeing one at this price is just a little too good to be true! a fully functional one would easily cost 4x that price. it's mainly that specific tone that i'm after anyway. also it's missing a bridge plate and comes without a hardshell case. i'm hoping this will be like when i got my jazzmaster way back ten years ago- it was obscenely cheap because it came without a hardshell case. basically my plan is to sell my fender mustang in order to acquire this thing. pretty much what i have to do is wait to see if i win it and then start to list my mustang while paying for the vox with a credit card- which i'll pay off once the guitar is sold and we're also getting some serious money for a two-week long housesitting gig that's coming up later in the month. it's a bit risky, but i believe that the risk would be worth it in the long run. if this works out it'd be quite a coup- something that most likely wouldn't come along again.

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