Thursday, September 18, 2008

welcome back to dreamland

we've been in portland all day today. we got in at about 4:15am after a brutal drive from seattle after our show at the office of doctor glorious. the show was an unexpected surprise that went quite well. what we ended up doing was playing without a p.a. but still incorporating the noisy elements of our sound. it's kind of something i've been fascinated with for a while. when we booked our show at mama buzz this was the kind of set i was envisioning and i really liked the way that it worked. so basically the show in the seattle was the first really good show we've played on the tour- of course it is only the third of six shows. we could've stayed at the house, but we decided we were too excited to get back to portland, so we just left immediately afterwards. we figured we wouldn't be done until much much later, but then we ended up leaving at about 1:30am. we got into town at about 4:15. stefanie's sister wouldn't be up to let us into their house until 6, so we went to voodoo donut, drove around and sussed things out to see what was still around and what was gone and film a little bit of footage for the proposed. we could've filmed more today, but of course i forgot the digital camera. oopsies...
going back to spokane we didn't do anything at all the second day- we just sat around and watched a marathon of 'punk'd' and some episodes of 'will & grace.' yeah, it was that good. i say that only half sarcastically because by the time we left we were fully unwound and being stuck in a town with absolutely nothing for us to do ended up getting us ready to play again. we did eat at dick's hamburger stand. that was fairly sweet.
not much else to say- eastern washington is very similar to eastern oregon- it's a desert. the snoqualmie valley drive was incredibly breathtaking- we were listening to spiritualized the whole time just to add to the effect. we got lost in a strip mall in issaquah looking for a qdoba. we got so far off the path that we ended up in a giant prefab duplex complex up on a mountain. good stuff.
the office of doctor glorious was really nice. one guy there bought all of our cds and a t-shirt- the first t-shirt we've sold to anyone so far. people are very broke. i think that everyone's monetary woes begin and end there. but we made enough money for a tank of gas that should get us out of portland at least. we can't quite figure out if we need to give our rental car an oil change as it has an oil life measurement on the dashboard that started out on the low side. i'm not getting an oil change for that thing unless i'm getting reimbursed for it. noooooo way.
being back in portland has felt like visiting some kind of dreamland. it almost feels completely unreal now. there are so many things that i miss that we used to do all the time here, but somehow the pull of the place has been completely stripped away. it's pretty much a mystery to me that there ever was a pull in the first place. a most unusual feeling that i've never had anywhere else...
so here are some faux toes-

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