Sunday, September 14, 2008

boze knows

pardon the awful pun. yikes.
we are in our hotel room in bozeman. it's a reasonably decent day's inn. there is a free wifi connection from which i am broadcasting at this very moment.
today all we did was wake up and drive. and drive. and drive. and drive. for about fourteen hours total. i think we might have stopped a handful of times to eat and get gas. what really helped was that i ate a hearty breakfast this morning. i've found i've been eating much less throughout the day. i got a burrito at qdoba in moorhead and ended up eating only half of it for lunch and eating the other half for dinner. i don't even think i was able to finish it. in the hotel room i am having some small snacks. i'll probably get the free breakfast in the morning because i've felt pretty good all day. i ate a frosty at wendy's and it kind of fucked me up- brought back my dry cough to an extent. driving through montana there wasn't very much to do or think about or look at (it is extraordinarily flat in the eastern part).
one of the highlights of today was stopping at painted canyon in western north dakota. it was something that kind of brought to mind that whole idea of 'the sublime and beautiful' that shelly was so concerned about in 'mont blanc.' good stuff. very unexpected at that point in the day because i was completely overwhelmed by the amount of driving we still had left to do. or i guess i should say i because stefanie hasn't been driving because i'm the only one with insurance.
driving through montana i got freaked out because my old friend phil told me some ridiculous story about something like pagans in white robes who project images of themselves blocking the highway lanes on a stretch of i90 (i believe it was supposedly a forest reserve or something that is nearby) causing people to stop and then said people who stop disappear and are never heard from again- their cars found destroyed and gutted. thanks phil- i was white-knuckled for about the last two hours i was driving once we finally made it to billings. strangely enough these white-robed pagans did NOT make an appearance like every montana native i've ever met (who i've told this to) has said in response to this ridiculous story. naturally since it was dark and creepy all i could think about was waiting for said event to occur.
our show in seattle is finally totally firmed up. we were worried it was going to be a repeat of the minneapolis show, but a nice flier has turned up and was made by one of the people in st. rainbow (one of the bands we're playing with). have a look-

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