Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a full day off- one of three

we are in spokane right now in a coffee shop. i am slowly uploading the photos to my photobucket account so as to hopefully have some pictures up.
bozeman was a lot of fun- john (the guy who set up the show) was a super nice guy. it was about what i was expecting it to be like. most of it was played to just john. that's just fine with me- what we ended up doing was playing a bunch of new songs that we'd never attempted before. it was pretty good- kind of like getting paid $500 for a dress rehearsal. nothing wrong with that. we didn't drive anyone away at the beginning- so that's about as much as you can hope for. people left while we were playing but they just were leaving to go to class because a block of classes started at 12:30.
after that john got us some pretty tasty stuff for lunch and then we stopped for coffee and headed off for spokane. we got a bit punchy by the time we got to the idaho border. a small tidbit that no one had ever mentioned to me- couer d'alene and the surrounding areas are fucking GORGEOUS. the lake was incredibly breathtaking- we drove over it while the sun was still going down. beautiful. wow.
other than that there's not much to report. we're looking forward to the seattle show tomorrow and obviously we're looking forward to getting back to portland. it is very odd to be back on the west coast for me- i can't quite get used to it and it's been tying my head in knots. it's going to be even weirder when we get back to portland. we are going to make a video for 'on the bridge' while we're there. it's been something i've wanted to do for a long time- pretty much since i wrote the song. so that's kind of fun- a new video is coming up. stefanie was talking about doing a 'voices in the air' video (which is a song we haven't attempted to play live so far). i've also been thinking of doing a 'narcoleptic' video at the conservatory. as in we were going to bring our instruments there and film ourselves there.
otherwise it's been very nice to have a full day off. we can't really think of much to do here in town- stefanie went to a knitting shop and we might go to a burger place (dick's) where you can buy a bag of burgers. obviously that's just a concern for me, but nevertheless. we drove around downtown and couldn't find a coffee shop to hang out in. i can't believe that we get to sleep in the same town again tonight and then have the shortest drive so far ahead of us tomorrow.
right after we get done in seattle we're heading down to portland. the goal is to get there at 6am. on to the first photostream-

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