Wednesday, September 24, 2008

sing me to sleep

the last show at mama buzz cafe was cancelled, which i'm a bit bummed about. at first i was kind of relieved because we wouldn't have to drive back up the shoreline highway at night and that we'd be able to join my parents at dinner, but now it's a bit sad that we didn't get to play that last show of the tour- there's just no closure. it makes me wonder why we didn't just drive our sorry-asses back to chicago from portland. being here has been restful though and definitely has done us some good. we did get to venture in to berkeley and oakland and get some quality stops in- the amoeba records in berkeley and article pract in oakland and mama buzz cafe are all on the same street, so we were able to hit each one with just enough time. at amoeba i bought the first rolling stones record (finally), the first vetiver album (which has colm o'ciosig and hope sandoval on it) and the j spaceman guitar loops cd, which i just discovered was re-released. at least i get to hear it now. then we got to mama buzz and were told that the show was cancelled, which was a bummer. no closure. i was actually looking forward to playing there- hoping to do a repeat of the seattle show- same style but i was hoping we'd get to play a little bit longer. god knows the next time we'll ever get all the way out to california again- i'd say two years minimum. minimum. even then we aren't going to do this again unless we have at least three college shows set up. at least we know what the price tag is now and the best way to do it. here are some photo highlights. stefanie shot a decent amount of footage as well for the 'on the bridge' video, which we initially just wanted to be shot in portland, but there've been enough beautiful driving shots out here that we just kept shooting. i think we'll have enough for the video now. i'm going to get to work on the video immediately as well as the james eric instrumental- which i'm super-psyched to get started on. to the photo highlights-

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