Sunday, September 14, 2008

i'm sorry minneapolis, but...

we will never play in the twin cities ever again. we're used to being the odd ones out, but last night was ridiculous. no one seemed to dislike us or anything and we did sell about four cds, but we found out we were never officially added to the bill, it was kind of a to do for them to let us play (which they did) but we only played two songs. it went fine, it was just a really weird night. kind of a crappy way to start the tour. we got lost on our way to the venue. we probably shouldn't have bothered really, but i guess that selling some cds and making some money is justification, so really it could've been much worse. people were pretty nice at the venue. it just wasn't our kind of crowd at all. i think that the show at the empty bottle really spoiled us.
james sent me an instrumental that he wants me to contribute to and i'm pretty excited to hear it.
we are staying in a hotel in st. cloud. we couldn't find a motel 6 so we ended up staying in a holiday inn express and got a room that was way too big for us (two queen size beds). that's what happens when you pull in at 3am.
yesterday was a bit of an ordeal all told. if you live in chicago and tried to get to o'hare yesterday you know what i mean. tons of flooding. so much so that roads to the airport were closed. i woke up at 7:30am and rode the red line down to downtown, switched to the blue line, rode that until irving park when they kicked us all off and crammed us into a shuttle bus that went to jefferson park, got back onto the train, went to rosemont and then ended up stopped there and they told us to get off of the train because water from the highway above had flooded the tracks at o'hare. after waiting for 30 minutes for a shuttle that they said they were arranging someone came out and told us the shuttle was cancelled because the roads were closed. none of the cabs were going to o'hare. there was just no way to get there. fortunately for me i called the rental car shuttle that was supposed to pick me up at the airport and they picked me up at rosemont and took me to get our car for the next two weeks. it's red chevy cobalt. i had my doubts, but it's not too bad. it gets more than 30mpg on the highway (i think it got us about 320 miles at least with tons of city driving at the beginning) so it's already twice as good about that as big momma was.
so today we are just driving and driving and driving. we are staying at a day's inn in bozeman. that will be nice. the plan is just to get to the hotel tonight and then sleep and then drive straight to spokane after we play. hopefully the show in bozeman will be better. if no one's there it'll serve as sort of a nice practise session- we have a few songs we haven't attempted live yet that are ready to go. we meant to play one last night, but well, you read...
anyway, see you later.

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