Monday, September 22, 2008

just so you know...

...this is where we are currently-

and, as a little tidbit, i took this from where i am currently sitting (no shit)-

i would also like to mention how much i fucking HATE california. that said i really like this house- it's very restful and it's not too big. being right next to the ocean is wonderful.
today we went for a walk on the beach and then we tried to find something called a 'latte' somewhere. my parents drove us to bolinas, which i would describe as a stand-offish hippie town. only in california. we tried to ask a really old hippie where we could get coffee while he was preparing his pipe with some really smelly weed and at first he didn't answer us, then told us in the snottiest and most patronizing tone where to get some coffee and then barked 'do you want me to walk you across the street?!' yup. grumpy hippies. stefanie then replied, in the sweetest tone, 'could you? that'd be great!' it was quite strange. i guess i understood where he was coming from- perhaps he was being so rude because he thought my parents were yuppies who wanted to buy property in the area, thus driving the price up etc. etc. but of course that wasn't the case. we were just a group of people called 'midwesterners' who were looking for something called 'manners,' 'politeness' and 'common decency.' silly us.
since everything was closed we headed back to the stinson beach downtown. even the cashier at the market was a little short with my mom when she asked him if the coffee cart was only open on the weekends. aren't californians supposed to be so laid back? i guess that it's tough to be laid back when you're being snobby. perhaps i'm just imagining all of this. i dunno. it's just the sense i'm getting.
driving into town was no small feat- route 1 is about 11 miles of pure curviness that must be taken at 20mph. we did see three deer on the way in that night- that was kind of cool. it's making me dread having to leave tomorrow to go play the last show of the tour. hopefully oakland will fare a bit better. i'm not going to get my hopes up, though...
it is entirely possible that we will never return to california ever again. we wouldn't be here now if it weren't for the fact that my parents are staying at this amazing beach house.
on the plus side the lights of san francisco are visible from the beach here at night and the house is incredibly beautiful. free wifi is a bonus as well. it'll be nice to have another full day off here before we head home on thursday...

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