Friday, September 12, 2008

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow...

yes, we are leaving for tour tomorrow. i have to get up at 7 in the morning and go all the way out to o'hare to pick up our car. kind of a pain in the ass, but at least we got a good deal. kind of apprehensive at the moment. everything so far has been finished that needs to be done before we leave. we got the t-shirts done yesterday- nick helped me out and everything was finished. they look really good. the design on the blue shirts is a little tiny, but that's okay- i think it'll be fine.
i'm also a bit distracted because i just got harassed outside of my building. probably just someone who hasn't taken their meds or something. or some kind of misunderstanding. he started calling me 'motherfucker' and telling me about how he was going to bash my 'fucking teeth in' etc etc. weird shit seems to be afoot today. i saw someone honk at some guy who opened the door to his car to get in and he went up to the person inside the car and started getting upset at them. i guess it's just in the air or something today. freaky. the dude was yelling about how he was going to call the police and such. i really don't understand it- he just asked me if i lived there and then when i said i did he started yelling at me calling me 'the internet motherfucker' or something to that effect. at one point i just said 'what?' and he was like 'oh, you don't know what i'm talking about?' and i said 'nope.'
i guess that that's all there is to say about that really. i'm a bit nervous that he'll still be there when i get back, but if he is i guess i'll just call the police. there's usually a cop car around in the neighborhood anyway. i wonder why that is...
anyway, i'm a bit freaked out about the tour. yesterday i had to charge about $400 to my credit card because for some reason the charge didn't go through on stefanie's card for the igo balance, so i kind of own her now. it's probably better if the igo charges to my credit card. who knows how many charges have gone by the wayside from me. i guess my only source of anxiety is if we'll make any money and not have to go into the red buying gas. i'm also a bit concerned about the aftermath, but i'm sure it'll be okay. things have been so hectic for the last couple of months- we've been so busy my current view of how things are going is very skewed. after the tour we can kind of hang back a bit and not be so busy all the time at least until christmas.
i varnished my pedal board last night and let it dry on the windowsill. when i woke up this morning and checked it it still wasn't fucking dry. i guess i'll give it until the end of the night.
i finally got the spiritualized show uploaded, which i recorded. it turned out pretty well- better than the pitchfork recording. the show was astounding. i didn't think it would match the pitchfork set, but holy shit- it was even better. they played 'ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space' for fuck's sake! it was wonderful! it will be posted in the next entry. i also recovered that my bloody valentine bootleg that i had been lamenting all those years and years. it's a pretty solid little recording as well. as it turns out ironically i was correct and it was in fact a copy of the show that the guy had traded me for. it was right when the degradation of the sound started. it only shows up on one or two songs. i still haven't listened to the last two songs so i can't rightly say if it's affected those two or not. on to the next entry and let's forget about weird creepy little dudes in sunglasses calling you 'the internet motherfucker.'

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