Saturday, March 1, 2008

a mixtape

i made a playlist on my ipod. when i was at lorna's laces for a while i made diary mixes. it looks like i've only made two both when i was clawing at straws trying to stay there. i just made another one so i thought i'd post the tracklisting and some artwork i thought was kind of appropriate-

1. shine a light- spiritualized- 11.26.07- boston, ma- mfa (acoustic mainlines bootleg)
2. don't go- sonic boom- what came before after
3. salka- sigur rós- hvarf
4. in the morning- shannon wright- let in the light
5. 100 knives- mirah- you think it's like this, but it's really like this
6. nightime- elliott smith- 2.26.00- chicago, il- empty bottle (acoustic show bootleg)
7. will to love- neil young- american stars 'n bars
8. the body- nina nastasia- run to ruin
9. don't smoke in bed- nina simone- the definitive collection
10. burger queen- placebo- without you i'm nothing
11. all i need- radiohead- in rainbows
12. cherubs- arab strap- elephant shoe
13. because- the beatles- abbey road
14. 23- blonde redhead- 23
15. my back pages- bob dylan- greatest hits vol. 2
16. under the milky way- the church- starfish
17. catch- darker my love- darker my love
18. leather and lace- lee hazlewood- cowboy in sweden
19. where is the love- mojave 3- ask me tomorrow
20. look for me (i'll be around)- neko case
21. backstreet girl- the rolling stones- flowers
22. dreamless days- the warlocks- heavy deavy skull lover
23. french vacation- the walkmen- everyone who pretended to like me is gone
24. fabulous muscles- xiu xiu- fabulous muscles
25. with you- zaza- n/a

haven't gotten much work done in the past few weeks. we had some really great drum tracks that we finished a few weekends ago, but everything else has been kind of a bust. it's been a bit of a struggle to get back into a normal headspace. i don't know why. i spent about two weeks being ridiculously sensitive to everything- i spilled a bucket of mop water at work during this time and almost went to the bathroom to cry about it. very weird- not something i'd normally give two shits about. i seem to have gotten back to normal though, which is good. at least i'm not that sensitive. i think that the full moon got everyone kind of wacked out for a while because i noticed that a lot of people were awfully touchy as well following that event.
i found a violin player who seems good to go through a posting on craigslist so i'm trying to get a recording date set up to get the three key tracks for the finishing of the album recorded asap so that if he flakes on me then i'll at least have gotten those three done. that will help the little creative blockage that's been going on because while i was totally worthless with recording stuff i did get two more final mixes for the album- 'down to sleep' and 'the sun is so bright...' that makes about four total. we also got a nice glockenspiel part laid down for 'don't go' that was kind of inspiring- we accidentally happened upon a really easy way to get the sound that i was after and didn't even know it. i also reworked a song that had kind of been counted out from competition, and have been playing it in my room and it's been sounding really great, so that might knock it back into the running- the ep afterwards is changing shapes as well constantly.
i wonder if i should post these tracks or a zip file of the whole thing. if anyone wants to hear this two hour mix, leave a comment and i'll do it- otherwise nevermind for now.

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