Thursday, March 20, 2008

the album is nearly finished

there are only a handful of things left to do in order to finish the album. i never mentioned it here, but the violinist worked out in a huge way. we got three songs finished. in retrospect it might've been wise to get one more song done as another song kind of pulled up from lagging behind and made itself a serious album contender when i finished a really fantastic alternate version of it. it's been in and out of the running order since the beginning.
i downloaded a free version of photoshop to do the artwork, but found out to my surprise that we don't have the minimum requirements to run it, so it sits on our desktop insulting me. that's probably for the best since the whole thing isn't even finished yet.
if you noticed i've added some blog links. i found two sought after spectrum albums off of one- 'soul kiss (glide divine)' and 'highs, lows and heavenly blows' that are impossible to find for a reasonable price since they're both long out of print. i figured it was time to share the love with whoever it is who actually reads this thing. i'd also like to get some music up on here at some point.

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