Tuesday, March 18, 2008

oh sloba, save me...

this thing is a fucking GEM! i recorded the vocals for the new song for the album- which is called 'sloba.' the pedal depicted above proved integral to the astounding sound that i was able to achieve on this song when i did the guitars for it last week. i'm listening to a record right now, but i think i'm going to go to the stairwell and try and get the reverb recorded for it after the record is over. i did the vocal a different way- bouncing over and over again until the vocal was done on the tape rather than doing it seperately and then sampling it and trying to get it to sync up. i wish i'd done the whole record that way- it would've been a lot easier, but i guess that's how you learn... doh!
just read an excellent interview with jason pierce on the observer's website (that's an english newspaper that's a pullout section of the guardian, which i read every day when i was living in london- it was a requirement for my journalism class). it was very inspiring and is pushing the very limits of my unbearable anxiousness to hear the new spiritualized album. may 26th is not soon enough dammit! as if that weren't enough someone on the spiritualized board posted a clip recorded for a radio broadcast of the 'soul on fire' single. fucking excellent song!
conversely i read another anton newcombe interview after checking my myspace and (like the other interviews with him that i've been reading lately) it was yet another eye-rolling experience. he acts like a completely arrogant, self-righteous prick in it and it's completely unbearable to read. it made me want to delete him as a myspace friend. it was seriously completely off-putting.

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