Friday, March 28, 2008

the album is now done!

whoohoo! i can't believe it. so quickly too. i didn't feel like doing anything today, but got a little inspiration going and finished 'ahn' with a new guitar part that i made up as i went along. by the third take i finished the part while it was being recorded. awesome! stefanie's drum part for the song was okay as well- i'd thought that she needed to redo it and we were going to do that tomorrow after practise and neither of us were looking forward to it, but voila! it's done! i did not finish all 24 songs (yet), but i plan on keeping the work going on them. but i am about 99.9% positive that this will be the final tracklisting- not a dud in the bunch. the song titles are links as well, so you can listen to these initial mixes that i am very happy with so far, so they may end up being final mixes in which case they will be mixed down to dat and then cdr to be sent away to be mastered at magneto as always. please listen and give some feedback-

the sun is so bright...
don't go
to the sky
crawl to you
you turn down
angels floating on the head of a pin
down to sleep
so goodbye...

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