Friday, March 14, 2008

got so much done yesterday i didn't even have to time to surf the net

it's nice to have days like that every once in a while- internetless days. it reminds you of what it was like back in the early nineties. i suspect that i could possibly be even more prolific if it weren't for the fucking internet. however, if there were no internet no one would be listening to our stuff on the site where i just set up most of our releases for people to listen to and download. so far there are some really nice people there and the response has been positive. i like that.
anyway, yesterday after i woke up and stefanie dropped me off at home and i went back to sleep i woke up and tried to figure out if i should go to the coffee shop or stay home and try and get some guitars recorded. one part in particular was nagging me, so i get everything set up and did it on the first try and it was perfect. it was a song we've played live a bunch and i'd already done the guitar for- 'crawl to you.' so that one was done and i figured i should try another one. so i did it and the first take had a few little ticks in it and the microphones went dead a few times at this certain point in the song where the microphones always seem to go dead- some weird voodoo kind of shit. i could tell the neighbors were walking around up there so i thought i might stop for the day, but then i was walking around in our apartment and it appeared that they had left during that first take, so i did it again and got it bang zoom immediately and then did another song. and then i did the framework and 2 guitar parts for that new song 'sloba' (which we've also been practising a bunch). it was amazing- both parts were first takes and i did things in each that i hadn't planned on and just came to me in the moment and were inspired moments that made it onto tape. that is my favourite kind of recording and one of the things i love the most about my method. awesome! so i got guitar parts for four songs finished- so basically all told the guitar parts for the album proper are all finished! the violinist is coming by on sunday to record those last few string parts that are straggling behind. i need to do some vocal re-synching on a few songs and then everything will be done. i still need to pick out a tracklisting and stefanie has a few drum parts to finish. i would like to get all of the other songs finished as well and i've been working on it, but i'm not sure it's going to happen.
but it's all very exciting- the record's almost done. the only piece of equipment i wasn't able to procure for the recording was the vox ac30, but that's okay because i was still able to move the guitar sound into new territory. i'm not even sure if i want one of those amps anymore. maybe someday. i didn't use jay's amp because i wasn't sure if he had the original speakers because he said i could use it as long as i keep the volume at a reasonable level. i think anyone would agree that this is not the case with me, so i figured i should probably just not bother with it. if they were the original speakers and i fucked them up that would make me feel really awful. i played on it and got it to work (the reverb channel's fucked up) and it sounded really nice, but when i was looking to buy one i played a few twins that had the original speakers but also had a ton of high-pitched buzz and the guy at midwestern buy and sell told me that that was because they still had the original speakers and that the previous owners had fucked them up by playing through them too loud. so there you have it.
i've also rediscovered a lost album that i used to listen to a lot- beth orton- 'central reservation' which i've always liked more than 'trailer park.' i bought it on cassette right when it came out and i listened to it until it got all demagnetized and fucked up. i might not even have the cassette anymore but even if i did i didn't want to convert it because it wouldn't've sounded very good. but they had a partial copy of it at jay and diana's so i just ripped the tracks they had and searched for the other tracks online and found all of them but one- can't really remember the name of it- it's been a while. i never really knew the names of the tracks anyhow, except for a few.

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