Sunday, March 9, 2008

sian alice group show last night

last night we went out to see sian alice group play at the empty bottle despite the following facts- 1) i had to be awake at 8:30am the next morning, 2) the bill was expanded from three acts to four and finally 3) that whole 'daylight savings time' ridiculousness making the previous two difficulties all the more difficult. i'm really glad we went- it was totally worth it. work on less than five hours sleep was not that cool but they were really good live. the place was very empty as well- i'd say there were maybe 30 people there. this is kind of funny and ironic because i spent most of december begging to be added to this show and instead they added two weird noise bands. it was a ridiculous pairing to be certain. i was bummed about that because i think that, for once, we would've been in half of a good pairing, but that's ok. the show was still super good and it made me feel a bit better to see that a band of their stature who has gotten the sacred pitchfork seal of approval falls victim to the same problems that we have- getting people off their asses to come see you play. i was expecting the show to be absolutely packed to the rafters after all of the fawning i'd seen about them in the local press, but, as i really need to learn, that doesn't mean that anyone actually listens to the press.

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