Sunday, September 30, 2007

deerhunter a la empty bottle

wowee zowee! the deerhunter show was really fucking amazing. i'm not real surprised. i knew pretty much everything they played. here's a setlist-

a new song i didn't know, cryptograms, red ink, wash off, dr. glass, spring hall convert, hazel street, octet, strange lights
fluorescent grey, heatherwood

some people were filming the show. hopefully they'll share it somehow. they are also responsible for this nice piece of documentation from the last time that deerhunter played at the empty bottle-

not much to report on apart from that. i was up until 4am last night editing audio from the brian jonestown massacre show at the double door last year. it sounds decent through headphones so i'm putting it on my ipod. i might share it later, but the ending of the show never got burned to cdr- the minidisc recorder i used to record it died while the last disc was being burned and it has so many skips in it that it is pretty well unlistenable. it didn't get through the amazing spacemen 3-esque jam that the bjm played before it died, which is to say nothing of 'swallowtail' which was also really awesome.
today we went to the modern art museum. it took us an hour to get down there on the train- it kept stopping and sitting for 10 minutes at a time.
anyway, i think that's good for now. i start my new job tomorrow. yipes...

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