Wednesday, September 12, 2007

autumn you are welcome here

at last. it's finally come. i'd hoped it would and now it has. we had to put the comforter back on the bed because it was too cold at night. hallelujah! comforting, eh? sorry, i had to...
so far employment prospects are not too bad. i have an interview at that place in deerfield on monday- the call center one that involves a lot of data entry and involves calls that aren't sales calls. i'm just hoping it isn't logging complaints or something like that. that would kind of suck. it's a month of paid training anyway, which to me means if i don't like it i can leave. if that doesn't work out i talked to susan at beans and bagels (the coffee shop we frequented before going to lorna's every morning) and she said that if i haven't found anything by then that she'd like to hire me there after oct. 1st. business is supposed to pick back up there around then because of the construction on the montrose brown line stop (which beans and bagels is directly underneath). i have coffee shop experience and i know what i'd be in for there. this has at least helped to rid me of sleepless nights (of which there've been a few) for both me and stefanie.
i have $1 and assorted change in my pocket- this is the last of my cash. i have money in my bank account but i am holding onto it so that i can pay the minimum amount on my credit card. after that there will really be nothing. yipes.
i've been trying to keep myself busy. tomorrow i'm helping jay move stuff to the new bird machine space in skokie. heavy lifting and van driving woohoo! he is going to give me gas and beer i've heard. there was talk of food and money as well.
the ep is coming along nicely. i ordered the lightbulbs that i needed to start printing the tracklisting. it's coming down to the wire and i do hope that they're ready in time for the show at the radish patch a week from tomorrow. sadly, it looks like i can't get hannah or brendan to lend some stringed instrument help for this show. quite a shame as james will be there and i'm going to ask him to record it on video for us so we can have a copy and ideally finally have some decent acoustic show recordings with strings (which are a bit elusive). there are the two from cal's bar, but stefanie's vocals are practically inaudible in both of them and the cello is only moderately audible.
we also just got a show at permanent records on oct. 27th. looking forward to that. yes, indeedy.
erm... that's about it i think. i should probably get to bed since i have to be up early tomorrow.

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