Thursday, September 6, 2007

today's lesson is...

... to work keep working on the record. always. this will be essential to getting through the unemployment period while retaining my sanity.
today i had a meltdown after going in to chase to fill out a ton of paperwork and get my fingerprints. said paperwork included extensive background checks- full residence and employment records for the last 7 years with every second accounted for. i got a few little things wrong but it doesn't really matter since none of the apartments i've lived in for the last seven years have had any utilities in my name. i ran a background check on myself once and nothing came up at all. there was also a handwriting analysis section that involved writing in cursive which i haven't done since i was about 10.
so tomorrow i'm going to try and get some work done on the record and hopefully more info will come out about this other job that the temp agency is looking into for me- it's a call center/data entry type position. it involves phone work but it also has a month of paid training. you can't really go wrong in trying that out. it is all the way out in deerfield, though- but it's metra accessible. we shall see.
i'm going to get back to dvd extras and such like. i'm wearing a lucky charms hat that my dad gave me from his trip to seattle. i saw someone wearing the same lucky charms hat on the train today...

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