Tuesday, September 18, 2007

hypnotist collector

i'll be starting at chase next week. it looks like it will be first shift. i just realised that it might be wiser to take 2nd shift and work at beans and bagels at the same time- their shift ends at around 3pm anyway. that way i would be able to pay off my debts and hopefully save some serious money before christmas and then when i get back in town i'll still have a job. i actually do want to work at beans and bagels, even though it means that i'll be seeing the two boss ladies i detest so pretty much every day.
how incredibly fortunate that i decided not to call in to smart today. i wanted to just stay home and get my screenprinting started, and also i'd be able to do the dishes and the laundry, which i need to do. i'm at metropolis right now. in celebration of my new job that starts next week i figured it wouldn't be totally out of line to celebrate a little early. i also have to go to the hardware store and pick up one last (hopefully) ingredient for the printing which is to transpire. awersome! i hope that it will work. i'm a bit nervous i must confess. i really really hope that they will be done in time for the radish patch show. the only other show we have booked at the moment is at permanent records on nov. 3rd. no one else is biting at all. at. all. annoying. a bit of a shame as well as hannah can't work with anymore. brendan can't either for some reason. hannah appears to be going through a really rough time- she just got back from japan and said that she's in therapy right now. she said that she's taking a break from playing music for a while. this is a shame because i actually did like playing music with her- she played things exactly as i asked her to to the letter and very beautifully, i was really looking forward to having her play on more of the record. there are still about 8 cello/string parts left to be done for 'down to sleep.' the vocals are almost done (there are two left and both are just by me) and other than vocals and such there really isn't much that can be finished before i need to buy more equipment to achieve the level of quality i am after. i guess with the new job and whatnot buying some new microphones can be done so that we can get the drums recorded properly. i really wanted to go after some good drum sounds. the ones we've gotten so far with only two mics i'm very happy with, but a lot of that is simply to do with how stefanie plays and the sheer starkness of the beats- i.e. only mic is necessary to record the table and if there's no snare involved things are much easier.
so at the show this thursday it's just going to be stefanie and i playing acoustic with no p.a. i was thinking that we'd also attempt to play a few from 'blue-eyed.' i played 'song to the stars' in the room last week and i definitely want to fit that in there- it'd be perfect for the occassion and it hasn't been played for a long time now- kind of sad to leave a great song like that on the shelf...
i think that will be all for today.

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