Wednesday, September 26, 2007

a quick one, while he's away

a few bits of news- i started training for my new job. the training is in the chase tower downtown. it's super weird to be going in there every day. everything is under lock and key. i have to go to the 55th floor, which is just full of meeting rooms. it won't be where i'll be working next week- that place is at the bottom of the loop el tracks (it's a block over from cal's actually). it's super secret, what i do. they won't even let us take our notes that we take during training home.
the job itself is going to be total drone work. i am in the document preparation department. basically a big mess of documents come in an envelope and i have to put them in a specific order dependant on what's in the envelope. that really is all there is to it. fucking. awesome. at least it's not permanent.
i'm not too invested in it really. a lot of things are on the horizon and i'm just looking at it as a bridge from right now to christmas time.
speaking of which, our flights are booked, have been for a while.
the last acoustic mainlines show (this is jason pierce and another guy from spiritualized playing acoustic with a string quartet and three gospel singers- i've heard several bootlegs and it sounds like a wonderful experience) is in london in december. it's in union chapel, which is an awesome place to see shows. we are toying with the idea of flying to london to see it. it's on december 9th (which is a sunday i think).
now that i'm locked into a 2nd shift job all of these sweet shows are going to pop up that i'm not going to be able to go to. i'm going to try and get to see nina nastasia next friday night (the show doesn't start until 10pm anyway- i get off at 11:15) if i have some spare money (haw haw haw). the first show that i'm pretty sure i won't be able to make it to was announced today in the red eye. the warlocks are playing november 9th (which is a friday night) and it starts at 8:30 and as of right now there is only one opening band. i'm still toying with the idea of going. it'd be better to see them for just a short while than not at all, dammit. my only prayer is that it starts late and there are two opening bands. as of right now there is only one. FUCK!
i didn't realise this but i hope that the brian jonestown massacre doesn't come through during this 2nd shift job. that'd be just my luck.
anyway, i guess i just need to buck up and put up with it for three months. it is going to be during winter time and less shows do come through town during then (of course two winters ago was when we saw the dirty three and the warlocks in the same week).
i got horribly depressed on monday night. it was kind of involved and repetitive and about what i always get depressed about, so i won't go into it. it's mainly just because the next few weeks will be quite the ridiculous tightrope. i'm not going to have much extra money (if any at all) because every little penny is spoken for right now.
i did buy myself a ticket to see deerhunter on saturday night though before i ran out of money. kind of a wise decision.
not sure what will happen with that whole trip to kansas city thing. i was actually told to talk to the people at the job site about days off as soon as possible because they are somewhat flexible on this issue. here it goes- 'okay, i've got plans on friday the 26th, monday the 29th, friday november 16th, we might be going to london on friday, december 7th and we'll be back on monday the 10th, and then we've already got our flights booked for december 22nd through the 29th.' good fucking luck...

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