Monday, October 1, 2007

my connection to the outside world

unfortunately this blog will now be my only contact with my friends and loved ones during the working week as i am now working second shift and once i start at the coffee shop, my days will consist of get up at 5 or 6am, go to work, get done at 2pm, go downtown, work some more, go home at 11:15, go to sleep at midnight start over again. i hope that it doesn't kill me. the idea behind this insanity is that this second shift job is most likely just a temporary thing- the likelihood of it lasting more than three months is very low- that figure is in fact very generous of my tolerance of it. it's going to be strictly week-to-week. the training was very long, boring and kind of a long drawn-out process of learning a really complicated way to do something fairly simple. tonight i went in to start and they aren't even having me do the job i was trained to do. it's related in a very abstract and removed way, but what i'll be doing all day (or afternoon, evening and night i should say) is pretty different. today they really didn't even have anything for me to do in the department that i was moved to. at one point i was sticking labels onto folders for an hour because i was wandering around looking for something to do and someone pulled me aside and had me do those. to be honest i wish that that was all i did all day, every day. labels onto envelopes. if that were my sole responsibility for chase that would be divine, but sadly the man has other plans for me.
what is my job? i have no fucking clue. basically moving files and papers and organizing them over and over again and preparing them for their next round of moving around and organizing. working for a corporate behemoth is amazing in its banality. so much sound and fury for so little. that goes for the pay as well. the only reason i'm going to try and stick it out is because working two jobs for a while is a good way to get a good deal of money fairly fast. my plan is to get my studio started. for real. even if i'm not able to get the board and the tape machine the likelihood of getting everything but those two things is not that bad. at worst i should be able to make enough money to buy the microphones i wanted to finish the next album and the vox ac30 i wanted to buy as well. the microphones are kind of the big to-do for the studio. once i have a good smattering of those, the rest should be fairly straightforward. after those two things next would be some little fixings like preamps and headphone amps and extra sets of headphones and whatnot. after that would be a 1/4" analog 2-track tape machine. then board. then 1/2" 16-track tape machine. fairly simple. all told about $6000. maybe.
right now the woman who lives above us is doing some hammering on the ground. it's 12:40am. i sometimes think that she's a drug-addict of some kind because she keeps the most crack hours of anyone i've ever seen. up and hammering shit into the floor at 1am, but also up and stomping around bright and early at about 6am. can't figure it out. i appreciate that she tolerates the considerable amount of noise that i make, but this is fucking ridiculous.
i'm off to sleep now i think.

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