Sunday, October 28, 2007

i hung out with billy and mike today

it was pretty much like being transported back 10 years. talk about a ten year reunion- that was really the only one i'd be interested in. some highlights and quotes-
new band names-
pussy sandwich
my bloody fudge tunnel
crotch coffee

yes, it was like that.
my visit's been okay so far. today was probably the highlight. we hung out on the lawn in front of the art museum and watched two different bride and groom couples taking pictures. billy and mike bought cigars and were smoking them only to abandon them claiming that they tasted like 'alligator dick.' it has been unbelievably good to be around them again and not have to watch anything that i say whatsoever. this has definitely recharged my batteries and i am really glad that i came. not everything's been so great, but none of that is to do with mike or billy at all.
to stefanie- i have gotten ahold of something you will be VERY amazed to see again (as was i).
end of transmission.


Jack O'Connor said...

Hey man, this is Jack O'Connor. I found you predator-style thru my sister's blog and the fact your profile mentioned The Cure, a band that you mentioned daily in my/our youths. I am doing much better and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers, kind thoughts, or what have you. It really means a lot.

shalloboi said...

i'm very relieved to hear you're doing better. we were definitely very concerned. i ran into claire a while back and she said you were doing really well with your recovery. thanks for dropping by.