Thursday, October 11, 2007

still no skinnernet

our internet went dead probably last friday, right around the same time that our land line was dropped. so yeah, we've been without internet since. i'm at beans and bagels right now. not much to report- i'm going to be working the next two saturdays to make up for the time i'll be in kansas city. the last step is to buy my bus ticket. i'm hoping that my paycheck will arrive in the mail today so that i can start doling the money out. i basically get about $50 from each weekly paycheck to do what i want with it. i hope that that's enough- there's really no reason why it shouldn't be. my horroscope today told me to live the extravagant life. we'll see if it's $8 or $8.50 an hour. it better be the latter- because that's what i was told it is.
i downloaded the new radiohead album- i paid about $5 for it. i also bought the last few tracks on the nina nastasia/jim white album that i didn't have yet and all of the rare warlocks tracks that they're selling on their myspace page. that's just good stuff.
i should go though- i have some errands to run and such. adios muchachos!
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