Saturday, October 6, 2007

i went to the nina nastasia and jim white show

it was really good as expected. the set was very short, though- i wish it had been about 15 minutes longer (i suspect that i'm not alone as far as that goes). i found my favourite place to stand at schuba's- in the back behind the soundboard. the show was sold out last night and i came in right after they'd started playing because stefanie met up with me wanting to go to the show- but our internet went down yesterday so she wasn't able to buy a ticket beforehand and the show was sold out, so i walked her back to the belmont train station. when i got back, of course, no one was working the door to the music space, so after standing there for a minute or two and hearing that nina and jim were already playing i finally just opened the door and went in and stood behind the soundboard area. very very nice- i had plenty of room- no one was invading my personal space at all and it sounded very nice back there. i was right next to the merch booth- so this is a space that isn't always open- the merch guy wasn't taking up hardly any room. they played for about 30 minutes and then stopped before coming back to play three more songs. it was really really good- her songs are refreshingly unassuming. she has a reputation for writing really dark material- but this is definitely not always the case. difficult to pin down or talk about. i'm not sure what made me get into her just now as i heard some of 'dogs' back in 02 or 03 when it had just been reissued and i didn't think that the way people described it was accurate at all and i didn't like it. back then i kind of expected all music to be subversive in some way sonically- i don't know why this is. a lot of this accounts for why i didn't like the brian jonestown massacre at first. i also hated organs. this is not the case anymore. they played a lot of songs from the latest record, which is fantastic. i listened to it a thousand times at work during the week- which kind of facilitated me going in the first place. i listened to her so much that i had to go. i wish i'd had some cash as they had the new record on vinyl and since i have all of it but three songs on mp3 it would've been nice to buy it on vinyl so i'd only have to convert three songs and i'd have it on vinyl for fuck's sake. that's the ideal situation nowadays.
today we went to evanston because i had to buy another screen and a hinge-mount for it. i also got a bonding agent as per nick's advice at the radish patch show- my biggest silk-screening problem last time was that the arigato paks kept sticking to the screen by the ink and when i'd pull them off the ink would end up looking stretched and too thick. i ruined about 10 paks that way alone and it caused me to have a meltdown. i need to do more silk-screening this weekend because i have to start sending copies out for reviews and to cdbaby etc. etc. i emailed 'love, chicago' in the hopes that they would do a profile on us or something. the reason for the renewed silk-screening activity is because the photoemulsion that i made for the first screen is going to expire on monday, so i need to use it. i wanted to make a screen for some t-shirts and i'm trying to come up with a simple design that will work and won't be difficult to screen- and with just one colour. i have a few ideas that i like- one that's the easiest i am beginning to think would work the best. ideally once i come up with a design i'm going to go ahead and prepare the screen and do the exposure so that it's done and i can use it whenever i finally have money to buy some t-shirts and ink with (haw haw haw). i think if i get it done the impending november 3rd show will be a good impetus to try and make some shirts. yes, i'll doubtlessly wait until the absolute last second to do them, as per usual. i should go though because stefanie's going to leave.

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