Tuesday, October 2, 2007

a little better

by the end of yesterday after work i felt like i was joseph k. in 'the trial.' just ask if you don't know what that means- or better yet read the book- it's by franz kafka.
today was better though, i am beginning to understand what my function is. this is of course after i emailed my temp agency asking about the possibility of being moved to 3rd shift. now i would like to give this current job assignment a little more time. i also emailed about all of the fucking days off i'm going to need in the next three months. i didn't mention the possibility of the london trip, since i'd rather just fuck with that once i'm ready to book it i'd say.
i didn't do much today considering that i actually got up at 7:45 to take stefanie to work and drink some tea at the coffeeshop. i witnessed a near-fender bender on the way home- past hazel street (which i didn't know that we had a hazel street here in chicago- but given the deerhunter connection it made me really happy). it was one of those situations where someone decides they're going to go over a double yellow line right in front of a stop light and someone is actually letting them through, but then those who are trying to get into the turn lane don't see the people making the idiot left turn since they're basically coming out of nowhere. there was a teeny little tap. i don't even think that it left a dent in either car, but man- it was close. scary. the dude making the idiot left turn just smiled and drove off. the person who was hit froze for a while and then drove off. how exciting.
i did convert 'pinkerton' to mp3 from my old cassette copy of it- purchased new in 1996 a week after it came out. i also did the dishes, which stefanie told me cheered her up a bit from her frustrating day. she had to deal with call-center employees who don't really speak english very well. a truly ingenious corporate device- outsource call centers to foreign countries in the far east and give them to people there. yes, your call center employees will be totally challenged in the realm of communication as it will be in a language they won't know very well, but this will work to your advantage because your customers will get so frustrated trying to convey their problems to these poor call center employees that they will call much less. it's pretty ingenious. anyone who claims that they just did it for cheap labor is deluding themselves. this way you get cheap labor and you cut off all forms of communication from your customers. i should write a book.

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