Thursday, September 30, 2010

'why does the rain fall cold...'

listening to the new walkmen album right now and really loving it so far. i recognize two of the songs from their set at pitchfork 2009 (aka most likely the last pitchfork music festival i am likely to attend).
as usual the drama in the band continues as i (as usual) continue to make a new record by myself. also, as usual, the drama is revolving around one person. why do people have to have such fragile egos that they require constant coddling and special attention and why are these people so often more of a burden than they are a help? down with those who take up too much space. i'm hoping this person just thinks i'm a dick and quits because i'm completely sick of their shenanigans. their little power plays will do nothing to make me see the 'error' of my ways- in fact i'm more likely to just quit indulging these ridiculous pleas for attention and reassurance that they are, indeed, as great as they feel like they are and just find someone else to do what they do. it's not that difficult. oh, how exhausted my patience is and oh, how grateful i am for the people in my band who are truly helpful and understanding- they are among the people in the world who i most admire. i've found that people who can just roll up their sleeves and do what needs to be done without a bunch of diva-ish posturing insecure bullshit are in vastly short supply these days.

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