Friday, September 10, 2010

finally, some action

i delayed far too long. it was starting to drive me nuts, but the worst of this process is over (well, maybe). 90% of what was worrying me has been allayed. even though 'the deed' (as i'm going to refer to it here for now until later) hasn't been done yet, i feel way better already about the way it's been handled. basically, all i've done is talked to all of my bandmates about stefanie's and my decision. all that's left now is to carry it out. i'm confident that we're doing the right thing- usually when you feel relieved at having to do something unpleasant it means that it is, indeed, the right thing to do, painful as it may be. this is just a very curious development- i've never been in a band where anyone's been kicked out. it's an unfortunate circumstance that the first time this should happen would be in my band.
i'd post something about what else has been going on in my life, but really nothing much has been going on! the strings are coming over to record a new song a week from tuesday and we're going to work on some more wedding music too. i'm really looking forward to it now and i actually received some good news yesterday that i'm close to having everything finished. i'd thought that i needed about an hour's worth of music, but i really only need around a half-hour's worth.
work is work. nothing much else to report besides that. i guess that last week wasn't too miserable. i was my cranky self for at least an hour a day there- probably not too pleasant. i am trying to keep that to a minimum. i've noticed that i'm not the only one, which gives me some modicum of comfort.
i'm going to wooden shjips tomorrow night at the empty bottle and thee oh sees at lincoln hall on wednesday night. definitely looking forward to all of it. i am a bit worried since i probably won't be able to get much sleep tonight and then obviously i'm going to be very tired on sunday morning. with having to get up so much earlier it's quite daunting. the napping ritual usually works alright to offset it. fortunately it's a non-issue for the oh sees show. don't have to be up early at all on thursday morning. tons of awesome shows. tons. probably going to go to the kurt vile show on halloween. i'm hoping it's just him solo this time out- i think i enjoyed that more.
my friend from work, kayla, posted a bunch of pj harvey videos and i was reminded of 'stories from the city, stories from the sea' which i'm listening to right now. it's bringing back a ton of great memories. it came out while i was living in london and stefanie bought it and put it on a tape (possibly with the 'virgin suicides' soundtrack on the flipside- which was our first date movie) and sent it to me in a care-package. at this point it would've been around november or so, so i was very homesick at this point (actually i just missed stefanie like crazy and i was flat broke). talk about an appropriate album for that time- love- physical and mental melding together and being in a vibrant but unfamiliar city in a different country and then the requisite downs associated with each. it was perfect. one of the things i am so upset about with the loss of my old ipod is that i've lost three years worth of diary mixtapes. they are the perfect emotional bookmarks and they just bring up such a flood of memory and emotion that is always astonishing to me. speaking of which i just finished my september diary mix yesterday (and listened to it twice). time to post it.

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