Friday, September 17, 2010

'just hanging there...' originally titled- i have company

i'm at wormhole right now and some people are sitting in my vicinity. i am hoping this doesn't hinder my sweet, confessional style. i'm sure it could really only be a benefit.
listening to tons of scott walker at the moment and it's doing wonders to make every tiny, insignificant thing that's happening today take on an air of grandiosity and graceful beauty. it's strange to me how normal torch-singery his stuff seems, but there is some weird ass shit even on the first solo record. i think his use of strings might be my favourite along with lee hazlewood's. he uses a fair amount of dissonance, i've noticed- and i mean even on his early stuff. beautiful.
i have quite the daunting task ahead of me once again at work. amidst the recording session that's coming up on tuesday i will be starting another nine-day stretch at work. the last one wasn't as terrible as i was expecting. i'm hoping the same is true for this one. i'm going to do what i did last time- expect it to be a horrible, raging shitstorm and just take it one day at a time and not think about what lies ahead.
spent wayyy too much money on records yesterday. $90 is the exact figure. that bought five records. not too bad, i suppose. two were birthday presents for stefanie- inspired buys and special finds. i think she will really love them. without them it would've been $50. not so terrible, i suppose.
i've got 'chinese blue' going full tilt. i seem to be doing most of it by myself. not sure how much i'm going to use the strings on that one. was going to figure that out later. there's no big rush for that one. it's not going to come out for at least two years, after all. i was just going to stockpile tracks for as long as possible and let it take shape naturally and slowly. i have a ton of songs and was going to really try and stretch out and do a bunch of different versions of them approaching them from a more raw place. some i will build into monolithic giants just in case. just because.
'plastic palace people' has some of the best use of strings in what could be considered a pop song i've ever heard. sorry, that one's playing right now.
'chinese blue'- so far i have a decent amount of finished tracks. i should probably take stock of those when i get home to get a more exact figure. what's going on so far is that i'm working from the stuff i started in 2007 and such and figuring out what's salvageable and what just needs to be redone from square one. so far it seems that for the most part it's worth it to just redo what needs to be redone on them as there's some pretty irreplaceable stuff on there. there's a ton of stuff that i don't even remember how to play that turned out so beautifully i don't see how i could ever recreate them.
that's about it for right now. this was supposed to be so simple and it's all over the place now. not sure how that happened...

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