Thursday, September 2, 2010

diary 8.11.10- meet me by the water

1. can't seem to make you mine- the seeds- the seeds
2. (there's gonna be a) showdown- new york dolls- in too much too soon
3. no one does it like you- department of eagles- in ear park
4. dog days are over- florence and the machine
5. meet me by the water- saturday looks good to me- all your summer songs
6. so alone- ty segall- ty segall
7. throw aggi off the bridge- black tambourine- black tambourine
8. i will be- dum dum girls- i will be
9. little ghost- disappears- lux
10. silver soul- beach house- teen dream
11. you don't miss your water- otis redding- best of
12. desire lines- lush- split
13. horoscopic amputation honey- califone- quicksand/cradlesnakes
14. twilight- elliott smith- from a basement on the hill
15. wakes- nina nastasia- outlaster
16. cool waves- spiritualized- live at radio city music hall bootleg
17. untitled- the cure- disintegration

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