Monday, September 6, 2010

'i did all my best to smile...'

it's been quite the crap week. i'm going through a phase that sometimes happens to me every so often wherein i try my best to stand up for myself and not let people take advantage of me and the inevitable fallout is that i feel like i'm being a dick- usually because people make me feel that way when i stand up to them. this is a symptom of being taken advantage of a lot.
this song used to save me from the misery of working at starbucks- the chaos and the hopelessness and the futility would all kind of lift away and this song would take me away from there for that three minutes that it would come through the speakers there (it was on one of the cds that we would pipe through the soundsystem- all music chosen by kenny g). neko case's songs would come on occasionally and do the same thing. but this song is probably one that would be a shoe-in to be played at my funeral as it so perfectly encapsulates how it feels to be in my skin.

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