Thursday, June 26, 2008

there's music on clinton street all through the evening...

i'm not sure what to write today. someone finally found all of the covers and listened to them. i suspect it is dmitriy. hey dmitriy! we need to get together soon.
man, i've become such a flake- i can't seem to get in touch with anyone anymore. i never really realised how much this last record enveloped my life. i noticed that last year was about the least productive show year we've had in a really long time. this year is hopefully going to end up being better. the tour helps. i do hope that we can do another tour next year- possibly a quick east coast jaunt. do we ever do anything besides quick jaunts? do we ever even go on tour? no. we need a booking agent. i'm afraid to send out the record once it's done- i'm worried that people are going to hate it and we're going to get reamed in reviews. no one liked 'learning how to crawl' it feels like. i kind of understand why, but at the same time it feels like no one ever gets what we're trying to do. 'petals' is the exception. people still seem to like that one the very best. i guess that's a good thing because that record was very difficult to finish. it was a bad period. it's standards are pretty high. i do wish that it'd been mixed better. if i ever actually get around to rereleasing all of our old records on vinyl then that one is going to be the first one to get the royal treatment- a remix, facelift and all.
i've started saving money as of last week. i'm going to try to save up all of my tips. good fucking luck.
i also need to buy my pitchfork tickets- i missed the boat on the two day passes. if i want to go see sebadoh play 'bubble and scrape' i'm going to have to pay for it individually. i can't figure out if i should do it or not. i love 'bubble and scrape' but it feels like such a fractured record- the lou barlow half is fantastic but the eric gaffney half almost cancels it out- some of his most obnoxious songs. i like some of his stuff on 'iii,' but it seems like his songs on 'bubble and scrape' aren't anywhere near as good. but then every single lou barlow song is so amazing- those are his best songs. it seems like if he'd been the one to write all the songs then it would've been an amazing breakup record. 'soul and fire' is my favourite sebadoh song i think- 'spoiled' is probably not too far behind. i learned how to play 'soul and fire'- need to bring that one out at a show sometime. hopefully we can get an acoustic show in kc going this year. the hope of going home is a bit nebulous. i can't really figure out if we're going to be able to go home for christmas this year. i asked emily how christmas worked out for her last year, but she wasn't really able to give me a good answer because she was able to go home for two weeks but that was because everyone's families were here in town. that's not really the case these days. plus i'm a full-timer- it's going to be difficult to get the time off. i think we're going to try and go home this year for about five days. it seems that that would be the most reasonable amount of time to be gone. we don't have much time to wait to buy airline tickets. we have to snatch up the cheap fares right when they come up.
i've started a new song that's going pretty well so far. i think i'm going to have stefanie sing it. it has the potential to be a good song to play live, plus it's in the same tuning as 'you turn down' so then we'd have an excuse to play that one live too. i so far have a verse, a chorus, the chord voicings and a middle string line (the beginnings of a fully fleshed arrangement) for the verse part. the lyrics are coming very slowly and in very fragmented pieces. fragmented lyrics from me- what a stretch... not that anyone knows what any of them are anyway.
i haven't heard from chris in a long time- not since my birthday. please write back i really want to work with you again!

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